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Expanded NPE3D Pavilion Announced By SPI

Eighteen companies are already planning to exhibit in the newly-expanded NPE3D pavillion at NPE2015.


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It is no surprise that we heard from SPI earlier this week that there will be an expanded NPE3D pavilion at NPE2015, taking place March 23-27 at Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center.  With 18 companies already on board to display technologies for 3D printing, show management has expanded this special section by eight more booths. Says Brad Williams, SPI’s director of sales and marketing, “From toolmakers to processors to brand owners, many in the plastics industry have a need to know about recent developments in 3D printing. NPE2015 will provide the marketplace an opportunity to discuss this technology, its current applications, and the future possibilities. A related NPE3D conference track with six presentations will be part of SPI’s Business of Plastics Conference co-located with the show.


Among the pavilion’s highlights will be the new Objet500 Connex1 multi-material 3D printer which will be demonstrated by Stratasys. This machine can product parts from three materials in a single production run. As such, users can create assemblies with components formed from three different materials, or components that contain both rigid and flexible materials. Stratasys will also highlight plastics it has developed for 3D printing. “Materials are the most important component in 3D printing. That’s why Stratasys continues to expand our portfolio of thermoplastics and photopolymers, including four color photopolymers,” says public affairs manager Joe Hiemenz.


The companies that have signed up to exhibit are:

  •  Advanced RP, Inc. 3D printers and printing services.
  •  B3D
  •  Burteck LLC. Injection moldmaking.
  •  Comdec Inc./SMI. Contract printing.
  •  Forecast 3D. 3D equipment, materials, services.
  •  Geometric Ltd. Engineering services and software.
  •  Global Precision Industries. Rapid manufacturing systems, prototyping, toolmaking.
  •  Guangzhou Seal Mould Co., Ltd. Rapid prototyping and toolmaking.
  •  Interpro. 3D printing, rapid manufacturing, prototyping, injection molding.
  •  JG&A Metrology Center. 3D internal part inspection services.
  •  Linear Mold & Engineering. Rapid manufacturing, prototyping and toolmaking.
  •  MHS—Mold Hotrunner Solutions. Molds, dies, tooling.
  •  Polyone Corp. Specialized polymer materials.
  •  Rapid Prototype & Manufacturing (RP&M). 3D printing, prototyping, rapid manufacturing.
  •  Redeye, by Stratasys. 3D printing, rapid manufacturing, prototyping, toolmaking.
  •  Shanghai Xiesheng Machinery Mfg. Co., Ltd. Extrusion systems.
  •  Stratasys. 3D printing equipment, materials, software.
  •  3M Advanced Materials Division. Engineered materials and additives.