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11/20/2013 | 1 MINUTE READ

Stackable, Recloseable Package Hits Store Shelves

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Clear Lam’s revolutionary PrimaPak debuts as package for pretzels.

We last reported on innovative packaging processor Clear Lam Packaging, Elk Grove Village, Ill.  in the March 2013 issue of Plastics Technology. At the time, the firm was fresh off announcing the development of a new type of package, called PrimaPak, a flexible, stackable, reclosable package designed to replace cans, bottles, and jars. Now, the film and sheet processor has announced the first commercial application of the unique package: John B. Sanfilippo & Son’s Flavor Tree brand, Limited Edition Premium Dark Chocolate Pretzels. They will be sold through an East Coast regional retailer, Ocean State Job Lot, which has more than 100 stores through New York and New England.


The PrimaPak structure consists of a proprietary multi-layer blown film that is laminated to several undisclosed substrates to build in heat resistance, then processed on vertical form-fill-seal (FFS) equipment from rollstock. The package is engineered to maximize manufacturing, warehousing, cubing, shipping, and merchandising efficiencies, says James Sanfilippo says, CEO of Clear Lam and part of the John B. Sanfilippo family.


The patented and patent pending PrimaPak technology is designed to replace heavy rigid packaging and improve shelf appeal. It achieves up to 70% weight savings compared to plastic jars. The technology is also said to reduces the package cube by 30% or more, maximizing manufacturing efficiencies and improving warehousing space and transportation demands.


To create a flexible package capable of being stacked and to better protect products inside, Clear Lam developed a new method of enhancing the package rigidity. The end result is a pop-up box shape with greater consumer appeal. The finished package retains its shape, performs well during transport, and stores well on retail shelves as well as in consumer pantries. In addition, the Peel and ReSeal Lid opens easily, stays open, and reseals to the package with a light touch.


Additional PrimaPak applications and further product expansions are planned in 2014, according to Clear Lam.