Purging Compounds

Controller-Guided Procedure for Faster Hot-Runner Color Changes

Husky partnered with Chem-Trend to speed hot-runner color changes, pairing a new guided procedure within the Altanium Mold Controller with Chem-Trend’s Ultra Purge brand of purging compound.

Additive Manufacturing

Pelletized Concentrates for Additive Manufacturing

Chroma Color can provide small lots to large production orders in a wide range of standard and custom colors.


Liquid Toner Technology for Consistent Color Dispersion in Transparent PC

Avient’s ColorMatrix Optica for PC boast exceptional clarity and color consistency for a broad range of applications.


REPI has Acquired Novosystems GmbH

Italy’s REPI, global supplier of  high-performance liquid color and additives for thermoplastics and polyurethanes expands product offering through new acquisition.

Recycled Materials

Color & Additive Masterbatches for PCR PET Packaging

Chroma Color has developed additive concentrates that are said to allow for higher levels of PCR PET in packages.


Upgraded Software Enables Broader Use of Color & Appearance Data in Digital Design

X-Rite’s latest release of Pantora allows brands and suppliers to leverage their existing color data and measurement devices.  


Versatile Color Concentrate Carrier System for Clear Thermoplastics

Chroma Color’s newly patented carrier system, designed for PET, PETG, Eastman’s Tritan copolyester, PC, and acrylics does not affect clarity.

Recycled Materials

PCR Color and Additive Masterbatch for Polyolefins

Avient’s new Rejoin PCR masterbatch enables a bottle or part to be manufactured from 100% polyolefin PCR.


Light-Duffusing Color and Additive Masterbatches for LED Light Sources

Tosaf’s new LD masterbatches said to create uniform diffused light on backlit surfaces.


High-Efficiency Benchtop Spectrophotometer Series

Datacolor’s Spectro 1000/700 series spectrophotometer, boasts high efficiency and confidence in color formulation in quality control for plastics and other industries.

Engineering Resins

Covestro Launches 2021 Trendy Colors for its PC Resins

Covestro developed the new PC colors in cooperation with leading provider of color standards RAL.

Consumer Products

High-Performance Black Masterbatch for Styrenics

Cabot’s new Plasblack XP6801D is a new generation SAN-based formulation for styrenics without the trade-off between color and mechanical properties.  


Have You Considered the Sustainability Benefits of Liquid Color?

Add less pigment to the solid-waste or recycling streams, save energy, and reduce waste to landfill, among other advantages.

Commodity Resins

Additives: Unusual Organic-Based Light Blocking Additive for PET Dairy Packaging

Avient’s latest Color Matrix Lactra light blocking additive concentrate meets TiO2 restrictions.


Additives: Eye-Catching Special Effects Colorants for Consumer Goods Packaging

  Penn Color’s new penneffex colorants said to spark inspiration in packaging design.


Additives: UV Stabilizer for Enhanced Darker Colored PVC Profiles

Penn Color’s new UV Enhancer stabilizer formulation said to boost weathering performance of PVC profiles by as much as 60%.

Recycled Materials

New to Using Color Concentrates? Follow These Tips to Improve Results

With a focus on highly loaded color concentrates, here is a guide for processors of rigid packaging and building products on how to specify the appropriate colorant for these applications.


Testing: Data Analysis Software for Color & Appearance Instruments

BYK Gardner’s new version smart-chart 7.1 supports wave-scan 3 and spectro2profiler color and appearance instruments. 

Engineering Resins

PolyOne Acquires Clariant Color Masterbatches, Renames Company

On the same day of its acquisition of Clariant’s color masterbatches business, PolyOne also announced that going forward, it will be known by the name ‘Avient’.


Chroma Color Acquires Epolin Chemical

Chroma’s acquisition of Epolin significantly expands its product offerings in targeted growth markets.

Consumer Products

Testing: Vertical Spectrophotometer for Hard-to-Measure Materials and Shapes

Datacolor’s SpectraVision V vertical model measures and digitally communicates the color of “unmeasurables” for expanded applications. 


Foster Corp. Partners with LioChem to Expand Medical Color Masterbatch Capability

LioChem’s Lioplas MD color masterbatches, capability and expertise will allow Foster to offer increased services, larger orders adn expanded expertise in critical color matches for the medical market. 

Additive Manufacturing: New Mid-Range 3D Printer

The new J826 from Stratasys is a lower cost option that broadens access to full-color, seven-material PolyJet 3D printing for enterprise shops and educational institutions.


Reflection is Key to PolyOne's Color Inspiration 2021+ Color Trends Forecast

Four dynamic color palettes forecasted by PolyOne, each tied to ‘reflection’ on our lifestyle, environment and choices.

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