Membrane Dryers

Throughputs up to 200 lb./hr. - Minimal Maintenance!

These dryers are commonly referred to as compressed air/membrane or membrane/compressed air dryers but the key word is membrane. There is a big difference between a "Compressed Air Dryer" and a compressed air dryer with a membrane. A compressed air dryer does not produce -40 dew point process air (it's more like 0-20 dew point) and can vary week to week and season to season.

A membrane improves the compressed air dryer by ensuring -40 dew point process air so the drying capability of membrane dryer much better than a conventional compressed air dryer.

There is also a big difference between a membrane dryer with a built-in membrane as compared to one with an add-on membrane. Those with add-on membranes - use up to three times as much energy as as those with built-in membranes.

energy usage

Energy Usage Chart

Membrane dryers have no moving parts so they require very little maintenance.

A membrane assembly contains thousands of membrane filaments. As saturated air passes through the filaments, the H2O molecules pass through the sides of the filament and are carried away, leaving -40? dew point process air to be heated and circulated through the drying hopper to dry the resin.

Illustration: How a membrane dryer works

How membrand dryer works