Video: Drying Equipment News

Digital Dryer Monitoring with Predictive Maintenance

With more than 20 sensors strategically placed throughout the dryer, the DigiTwin system from Novatec constantly measures component performances and can detect changes long before the machine control even knows about it. Watch Now

Oxygen Free Drying Without the Need for Supplemental Nitrogen

The NITROdry resin dryer provides processors with a new, oxygen-free tool to avoid degradation of nylons, PBT, PLA and TPU’s that is the result of prolonged exposure to heat in the presence of oxygen. Watch Now.

Automatic Moisture Control for Press Side Dryers

NWB+ series press-side dryers up to 150 lb/hr can now be equipped with Thermal+ from Novatec to ensure that new heat-sensitive resins are dried properly. Watch Now

Predictive Dryer Maintenance Monitors Process and Machine

View real-time diagnostics of dryer operation on a dashboard with 10 gauges covering key metrics. – Watch Now