Thin Sheet Thermoforming –– the industry's only comprehensive thermoforming training course, created with industry expert Mark Strachan.

Course titles include:

  • The Machinery & Plastic Behavior
  • Thermoforming Process - Plastic Materials & Properties
  • Pre-heating & Heating the Plastic
  • Transport of Plastic Sheet Through the Thermoforming Line
  • Mold Design, Machine Controls, Forming & Cooling the Parts
  • Part Trimming & Finished Part Properties

See Thin Sheet Thermoforming Lit sheet.

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Thick Sheet Thermoforming: Thick Sheet or heavy gauge thermoforming is a process that transforms a flat sheet of plastic into a functional form used to create a wide variety of consumer and industrial plastic parts. Our Thick Sheet course offers five lessons that teach the fundamentals of the thermoforming process, how to quickly solve problems and how to best develop advanced troubleshooting skills. Many of the conditions that cause part defects are explained. Personnel taking this course will become knowledgeable of the process, the characteristics of thermoformed parts and the most common causes of part defects. Course titles include: 

  • Introduction: Plastics and the Thermoforming Process
  • Properties of Extruded Sheet
  • Effective Heating of the Plastic Sheet
  • Temperature Control, Vacuum and Pressure Systems
  • Mold Venting, Mold Cooling and Finished Part Properties

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