paulson plastics academy


Paulson ProMolder 1:

ProMolder 1 is a 4 day seminar and includes a machine demonstration reviewing basic machine operations on either an injection molding machine or the SimTech simulator.

This Course is For: Technicians, Setup, Quality Personnel and anyone with a need to improve their skill and understanding of injection molding.

Attendance Pre-requisites: None. There will be a short pre-assessment quiz before the class begins.

Course Summary: Paulson ProMolder 1 is an ideal class for anyone who wishes to understand the fundamental principles of injection molding or wants a scientific background on the molding process. There are no pre-requisites for this class and it will cover the following topics with a written test at the end for certification.

  • Molding Economics
  • What are Plastics?
  • The Molding Machine
  • Molding from the Plastic’s Point of View
  • Mold Fundamentals
  • Machine Operating Controls
  • Molded Part Defects - Causes & Solutions
  • Injection Molding Simulation with SimTech


Certification: Paulson Training Programs has an excellent reputation for developing highly qualified injection molding personnel who are sought after by the industry. To maintain this quality we test each student at the end of the course with a written exam. Grades above 85% will earn a Gold Certificate of Achievement; 75% - 85% a Silver Certificate of Achievement; all others earn a Certificate of Completion.

Tuition: $1,595*

Paulson ProMolder 2:

A 5 day classroom and hands-on injection molding technology course

This course is for: Technicians, Setup Personnel, Lead Persons, Foremen, Process Engineers, and others who are, or will become, key production personnel in the future. This course is designed for production personnel who:

  1. Need to understand the relationship of the molding machine controls to the plastic conditions in the mold and the resultant molded part properties.
  2. Will benefit from practice in setting machine controls, observing the results, and solving molded part problems.

Attendance Pre-Requisites: A prerequisite to take this course is satisfactory completion of the Paulson Molder 1 course or the equivalent Paulson CD or web-based training. Others having molding experience may attend this course by passing a pre-assessment test provided by Paulson.

Course Summary: Paulson ProMolder 2 is a two part course. The first part explains the plastic properties and behavior that affects part quality, the scientific basis and the technology of molding. This is followed by a detailed analysis of common molded part defects, their causes and solutions (attendees may bring molded part examples their plants for analysis).

The second part is hands-on molding practice using both SimTech™ the Paulson injection molding simulator and actual machines to provide each student hands-on practice in setting and observing the effects of each machine control on the plastic and the molded parts and problem-solving. This is followed by a molding laboratory on an actual machine to demonstrate some of the information previously taught and shown.

Certification by Paulson: Paulson Training Programs has an excellent reputation for developing highly qualified injection molding personnel who are sought after by the industry. To maintain this quality we test each student at the end of the course with a written exam. Grades 90% and above will earn a Gold Certificate of Achievement; 80% - 89% a Silver Certificate of Achievement; all others earn a Certificate of Completion.

Class size – Limited to 16

Tuition: $2,195*

Introducing ProMolder 3!

A 5 day, intensive, hands-on injection molding technology course.

Paulson’s most advanced injection molding course. Through intensive machine time and use of our unique injection molding simulator SimTech™, ProMolder 3 is the most thorough and technically accurate training available in the industry. Based on the science of injection molding Paulson’s focus is on the four basic variables as they interact with machine controls. Paulson teaches molding from the “plastic’s point of view” as running a series of machine capability tests is only a beginning step in becoming a molding expert. If you are a user of Scientific Molding techniques ProMolder 3 will take you to the next level in truly understanding molding from a scientific perspective. All Paulson seminars and courseware are vendor neutral.

Our highest possible certification level, ProMolder 3, will teach you the “why” behind injection molding. Featuring 20+ hours of machine and simulator time, ProMolder 3 will make you an expert molder. Cycle optimization and advanced problem solving skills require knowledge and the practice. ProMolder 3 provides plenty of both. The skills you acquire will allow you to confidently make production floor decisions that decrease downtime and increase productivity.

Download Seminar Outline

Topics covered in the ProMolder 3 Seminar include:

  • A review of ProMolder 2 preparatory, simulator and molding machine operations
  • Advanced, four plastic variables analysis of part properties and the machine solutions
  • Setting machine controls for start-up and optimizing cycle times and the reasons for each
  • Obtain practical hands-on application experience in machine settings
  • Molding machine start-up, operation and problem solving using both SimTech and actual molding machines
  • Establishing UCL and LCL and trend analysis

Managing a Molding Plant:

A 2-day seminar teaching the business of managing a molding plant

This course is for: Mid-level managers such as Molding Managers, Production Managers, Supervisors, and anyone else with production and quality responsibilities.

Course Summary: The primary focus is on identifying, monitoring and controlling the cost drivers of an injection molding plant. Cost drivers are those items which dictate how much profit is made.

Managers of molding plants are swamped daily with a myriad of issues, many of the “immediate” variety. Those daily fires can obscure the important metrics by which success will be measured and achieved.

A sampling of the important topics to be covered are:

  • What cost drivers should I be monitoring?
  • Definition of Effective Throughput
  • What does Effective Throughput mean?
  • How is Effective Throughput monitored?
  • What reports have the most meaning to the company's success?
  • Production data collection tools
  • Material conservation
  • Labor content
  • Material content
  • Machine and mold maintenance
  • Establishing machine rates
  • Quoting plastic parts
  • Daily report summary
  • Earnings estimator
  • Basic understanding of the injection molding process
  • Teambuilding
  • Basic Lean Manufacturing for a “Job Shop Environment”

Cost to attend: $1,995*

* Discounts available: Any company sending multiple attendees from one company to the same class is eligible for $100 off for every additional person from the company who attends.