Extrusion Training Courses

Single Screw Extruder.This program uses state-of-the art animation technology to teach the fundamentals of single screw technology, including parts and operation, plastics used for extrusion, extruder controls, safety procedures, troubleshooting and more. Also available in Spanish.


Compounding with the Twin Screw Extruder provides training on the fundamentals of compounding with a twin screw extruder, including parts and operation, raw materials used, plastic behavior, optimizing controls, safety and startup procedures, troubleshooting and more. Employees will become experts in the startup, operation, and shutdown of the twin screw extruder. Emphasis is on maximizing productivity, safe operating procedures and quickly solving problems.

Sheet Extrusion Technology

is designed to be used in conjunction with our 9-lesson single screw extrusion course. It provides an overview of sheet extrusion technology ranging from parts and operation, to controlling plastic flow in the die, to troubleshooting the sheet extrusion line.