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6/20/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

64-Oz PET Barrier ‘Growler’ for Craft Beer Is Called a ‘First’

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Monolayer barrier PET beer jugs are molded by the machine builder for market-entry assistance.

Canadian PET stretch-blow molding machine builder W. Amsler Equipment Inc. has focused new resources on expanding its participation in the beer and spirits packaging market. This includes market-entry assistance to customers in the areas of design, development, and pre-production runs. An example is its production of 64-oz (1.9 L) barrier PET “growler” jugs for Arch Brewing Co., an independent craft brewery in Newmarket, Ont. Arch Brewing will offer the PET growler as an “event-safe” alternative to its glass growler of matching design. Heidi Amsler, sales and marketing manager for the machine builder/molder, says, “To our knowledge, this is the first PET growler available with barrier.”

The 106 g container (vs. 1.2 kg for glass) is produced by W. Amsler at its Bolton, Ont., facility using one its all-electric, single-cavity linear stretch-blow molders. The growlers are molded on behalf of Arch Brewing’s supplier, JMS International Packaging of Sherbrooke, Que. Amsler designed the package, which is blown from standard preforms molded by Preform Solutions Inc. of Sioux Falls, S.D. The monolayer preforms incorporate a barrier additive from Sherwin-Williams that is said to provide oxygen and carbonation barrier for a 12-mo shelf-life, vs. 48 hr for standard PET. The amber container is said to be compatible with existing PET recycling streams. The growler has an injection molded PP handle, designed by JMS, which is attached to the container in a secondary process via snap-fit. The PET jug can accept the same steel or plastic recloseable caps used on glass growlers.

W. Amsler offers PET growlers in small batches (pallet or less). They are also available clear and untinted, with or without barrier, for ciders, craft sodas and cocktails, and liquor. Custom shapes, colors, and engraving can be supplied, with pressure-sensitive labels if desired.

Sherwin-Williams offers valOR barrier resins as additives for PET food and beverage containers. These are proprietary, clear polyesters that are said to resist delamination in PET blends. They were originally developed by Valspar, which was acquired by Sherwin-Williams in 2017.

However, Heidi Amsler says future growlers will use a newly patented PETB1 resin from JMS International Packaging. It reportedly boasts UV protection, clear or opaque options, impact resistance, hot-fillability, and barrier protection equal to or better than is currently achieved with the Sherwin-Williams additive.



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