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Carbon and Fast Radius Expand Partnership


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Carbon l1 printers

Carbon L1 printers.

Carbon and Fast Radius has expanded their strategic partnership that broadens Fast Radius’ fleet of 3D printers with the addition of the Carbon L1 printer. The adoption of the L1 printer complements Fast Radius’ in-production Carbon M series printers and expands capabilities into large-part production using the Carbon DLS process. 

Since the inception of its partnership in 2017, Fast Radius has collaborated with Carbon to deliver end-use parts from reimagined office chairs to automotive components to point-of-care diagnostic testing for COVID-19, using Carbon M series printers. The company’s factory is home to the largest public-use fleet of Carbon technology in North America.

Fast Radius is now the first production partner to add the L1 for general purpose use, which complements their existing lineup of M2 printers and Smart Part Washers. 

“We’ve built an exceptional partnership in collaboration with Fast Radius that has resulted in bringing reimagined products to market in less time than using historical manufacturing processes,” said Ellen Kullman, CEO at Carbon. “Having our largest partner in North America double down on their commitment to Carbon with the adoption of the L1 printer is validation of the demand we are seeing for large scale end use parts.” 

The L1 printer is a large-format printer using the Carbon DLS process that allows organizations to prototype and produce larger parts and achieve new economies of scale to produce more, smaller parts. The L1 printer has been used in  production environments to develop products including the adidas 4D midsole, Riddell Diamond technology, and models for clear aligners.

Fast Radius is currently taking orders for large-part production on L1 printers using the Carbon DLS process.