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Dow Launches its First Recycled Resin for Shrink Film Applications

The recycled plastic resin is designed specifically for retail and logistic shrink film applications.


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Dow’s new PCR-rich resin delivers up to 40% recycled content in shrink film.

Dow is expanding its circular technology portfolio by introducing its first post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin for collation shrink film in North America. 

The recycled plastic resin, which is designed specifically for retail and logistic shrink film applications, offers customers and brands the ability to create shrink film with up to 40% PCR content. In June 2020, Dow announced new sustainability targets focused on eliminating plastic waste by increasing global recycling and designing products for recyclability.

Earlier this year, Dow announced a partnership with Houston-based waste-optimization specialist Avangard Innovative on producing Dow’s first post-consumer resin PCR-based products in North America. Since securing this reliable, quality supply of PCR, Dow has been evaluating new linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) and low-density polyethylene (LDPE) products using PCR.

“This is the first launch from that announcement,” said Victor Zapata, Dow’s recycling commercial director for North America and Latin America. “There is a high demand for post-consumer content by brand owners and the end markets.”

The recycled material in Dow’s XUS60030.01 Experimental Low Density Polyethylene Resin includes 70% certified film-based PCR. Zapata said that through the film structure on the design, this will translate up to 40% recycled content, which gives flexibility to customize PCR content for shrink applications. 

Dow says that the final package performance is comparable to packages made with 100% virgin resins. This package also maintains recyclability as an all-PE film. And by working with Avangard, there will be an adequate supply to meet market demand. 

Dow is developing additional PCR innovations for various applications in industrial and consumer packaging markets in the coming year.

“There will be other innovations targeted for early next year,” Zapata said. “We’re exploring several platforms and applications that could fit our expertise to meet the PCR content for those applications—similar to what we are doing with shrink film.”