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Fully-Operational Asaclean-Sun Plastech Provides Free Online & Phone Technical Support

Responding to coronavirus market challenges, Asaclean offers essential businesses and other plastics processors free technical & product support.


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The coronavirus operations plan of well-known manufacturer of purging compounds Asaclean-Sun Plastech, Parsippany, N.J.,  has been set in motion by the company’s team. Led by v.p. Phani Nagaraj, the team will provide free technical and product support to ‘essential businesses’ and other plastics processors as they deal with the ongoing challenges in the market.

In outlining Asaclean’s Covid-19 Operations Plan, Nagaraj is aiming to do everything in his power to help essential businesses deal with all the unexpected hurdles they are facing. “We have a large portion of our customers in medical, packaging, & custom molding who are pitching in to help the cause but find themselves dealing with unique challenges. When medical supplies are dwindling, processors cannot afford extended downtime and contamination issues. There are real-world consequences.”

Asaclean is offering free online (Skype, WhatsApp, and FaceTime) and phone purge training sessions to any processor with a need. In addition, Asaclean’s purging experts are available for video  and phone consultations for contamination and changeover issues to give real-time answers to injection molders and extruders.

According to Nagaraj, Asaclean will ensure that these processors have virtual training, product in-hand, and anything else they need to run most efficiently. “We know we are fortunate that we are fully operational.  We have same-day shipping available across the country and our purging experts have enough processing experience to identify problems and address them immediately. Our customers are working hard to keep their production running and many are taking on medical projects for the first time. We’re here for whatever they need.”


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