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10/4/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Maag to Expand Virginia Plant

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Gala facility for making underwater pelletizers and centrifugal dryers to be expanded by 20%.

Maag Group Americas is making a multi-million-dollar investment to significantly expand its manufacturing capabilities in Eagle Rock, Va. for the Gala product line.

Gala makes underwater pelletizers, centrigual dryers and other machines for the plastics and chemical industry in Eagle Rock, shipping them to customers around the world. 

The 20,000 ft2 addition will house an optimized new assembly facility and allow larger systems, including high-capacity centrifugal dryers, to be assembled and tested on site. In addition, the additional space will allow Gala the opportunity to centralize and optimize laboratory operations, including customer or product trials, toll runs and product development.


Maag Expands Gala Plant


Gala will receive a $50,000 performance grant from Botetourt County to complete the expansion. The project will start in late October 2019 and is scheduled to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2020. The addition will represent a 20% increase to Gala’s current 100,000 ft2 manufacturing facility in Eagle Rock.

Gala began operations in October 1959 and is one of Botetourt County’s anchor employers and manufacturers. Gala employs more than 180 people at its Eagle Rock site. Since 2015, Gala has been part of the Maag Group, headquartered in Switzerland and owned by Illinois-based Dover Corp. 


Maag Expands Gala Plant


“Maag Americas and our team at Gala is known for its outstanding customer support and high product quality,” says Martin Baumann, v.p./GM of Maag Group Americas. “With the expansion of our facility, there is significant opportunity to drive operational improvements for our systems. Our customers will benefit of such with shorter lead times.”



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