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9/9/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

PET Packaging Technologies Debut at K 2019

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SACMI will show its latest for compression, injection and blow molding—maintly of PET.

At the K 2019 show in Düsseldorf, Oct. 16-23, SACMI of Italy will present a number of new developments in high-volume compression, injection and blow molding of packaging products, with primary emphasis on PET applications.


 •  Reflecting the dominant theme of the show—“Circular Economy”—SACMI will present its 220-ton preform injection system (IPS220) running recycled PET in 96 cavities. The company says IPS can run 100% rPET pellets on standard machines, or up to 50% recycled PET flake. IPS is a hybrid toggle-clamp system with an electric-driven screw and two-stage hydraulic injection.


 •  The company will present novel online preform quality inspection using polarized light to detect abnormal stress levels. Online 100% quality inspection with the PVS10L system is said to be made possible with a new control system using artificial intelligence (AI) to “self-learn” all the required checks.


 •  SACMI will present both HDPE pharma applications for its proprietary compression blow forming (CBF) continuous-extrusion stretch-blow process, as well as newer PET applications.


 •  Although not displayed at K, SACMI also is offering a new XL series of its SBF rotary reheat stretch-blow molders, capable of handling up to 12 L PET containers, vs. up to 3 L for previous SBF models. The XL line is distinguished by faster, automated mold changing by means of a lifter.


 •  A non-PET technology to be featured at K is a multilayer version SACMI’s continuous compression molding (CCM) system, aimed at producing PP-based single-serve coffee capsules. The new CCMM (multilayer) system allows extrusion of EVOH barrier and tie layers to seal in the flavor components of the coffee.


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