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RJG Opens New Training Lab in Germany

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RJG Germany GmbH opened its new training lab on Jan. 1, 2020, including a classroom that seats up to 20 students and a fully-equipped lab for hands-on experience. Equipment includes a 60-ton injection molding machine from YIZUMI Germany GmbH, as well as temperature control units and a material drying system from Moretto Deutschland GmbH. The lab is set up to potentially house up to four injection molding machines.

Courses that will be taught by RJG Germany include Systematic Molding; Decoupled Molding Workshop; eDART Basic and Advanced Training; CoPilot Basic and Advanced Training, and beginning in the fourth quarter, Molder Molder I.

A company spokesperson told Plastics Technology that RJG Germany currently has five employees in the Karlstein office. Ulrich Bretthauer is the trainer who will be leading the courses. Frank Marschalek, business development manager, is in charge of the operation. Founded in October 2010, RJG Germany is in its 10th year of business according to Marschalek.

Prior to adding this lab, RJG could only provide courses on an in-plant basis, traveling to the customer’s facility to offer the training there. Master Molder had not previously been available in Germany. RJG’s other global training facilities are located in the United Kingdom, France, China, Mexico and the U.S.

Marschalek told PT that the decision to expand was driven by its customers. “It was getting harder year by year to do in-house trainings at our customers’
facilities,” Marschalek said. “The main reason is that in these cases there are too many people from their shop floor involved who would be needed at the machines. Now they can send out smaller groups to us for their training needs.”

RJG Germany

RJG’s new training lab in Karlstein, Germany includes a 60-ton injection molding machine from Yizumi.