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Sheet Demand Spike Spurs More Extrusion Training

Two courses aim at getting operators and new personnel up to the task as demand for sheet soars as a barrier to stop spread of Corornavirus.


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Responding to the surge in demand for acrylic and PC sheet as protective barriers to stop the spread of the novel Cornavirus, Paulson Training Programs is making available two online courses in extrusion training.

Extruder Operation and Control: Single-Screw consists of 9 lessons and 14-16 hr of training. Sheet Extrusion Technology is a 7-lesson program consisting of 1214 hr of training.

Paulson says the courses offer quick training, increased production, and optimize efficiency.  What’s more, they are deemed ideal of new hires.

Paulson has set up a free TestDrive Member Site where processors can try out demos, view video lessons, and review sample study guides for both programs.

A recent article on npr.org quoted several plastics distributors saying global demand for sheet soared in March after the World Health Organization  recommended using glass or plastic barriers to reduce exposure to Covid-19. "Quickly, overnight, demand increased roughly by four times what it was the prior year," Craig Saunders, president of the International Association of Plastics Distribution,  was quoted as saying in a July 3 article posted on the NPR website. "And this wasn't a local demand in North America; this was a global demand."

Sanders predicted that demand will likely remain strong as states continue their phased reopenings, and as schools and colleges try to bring students back to campus safely.