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Automation: Plug-and-Play Screwdriver for Cobots

OnRobot’s screwdriver features built-in smart features—including precise torque and embedded axis control—that simplify programming and boost productivity.


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OnRobot (U.S. office Dallas) a Danish manufacturer of tools and add-ons for collaborative robots, has introduced a new screwdriver that can be deployed and redeployed for different applications in minutes onto cobot arms. The screwdriver will help manufacturers eager to automate repetitive, unergonomic, and often inconsistent manual screwdriving processes, as well as aid plants that haven’t been able to integrate and program automated screwdriving systems.

OnRobot says to program the screwdriver, users only need to enter the appropriate screw length and torque value into the control interface that is integrated into the teach pendant of any leading robot. With precise torque control and embedded axis, the OnRobot Screwdriver automatically calculates the speed and force required for consistent, accurate screwdriving. The Screwdriver can detect incorrect screw length, improving quality and reducing scrap.

OnRobot screwdriver

Smart features on the new OnRobot screwdriver include embedded torque and axis control.

The Screwdriver’s “z-axis” allows screws to be retracted inside the tool and driven automatically once the robot arm moves into position. This cuts down on robot arm movement and additional programming. Screws up to 35 mm in length are retracted completely inside the screwdriver when moving until the process is safely initiated, making it human friendly in collaborative environments.

The screwdriver can handle a wide range of screw sizes and lengths, from M1.6 to M6, and up to 50 mm in length. Simplified programming and an interchangeable bit system, allow the screwdriver to quickly switch over to a different screw size, length or product line in minutes.

Screwdriver features include:

  • Embedded axis for accuracy and easy programming
  • Precise torque control from 0.15Nm to 5Nm
  • Screw sizes from M1.6 to M6, and up to 50mm long
  • Available screw feeders
  • ESD safe for electronics assembly
  • Mounting via OnRobot Quick Changer

The Screwdriver is compatible with OnRobot’s One System Solution platform that provides a unified mechanical and electrical interface between leading robot arms and any OnRobot product. The One System Solution has been newly expanded to include integration with robots from ABB Robotics and Hanwha Precision Machinery. Users of those robots can now also take advantage of the unified mechanical and electrical interface of any OnRobot product, for easier integration and faster ROI.

OnRobot screwdriver

The screwdriver is compatible with OnRobot’s One System Solution platform that provides a unified mechanical and electrical interface between leading robot arms.


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