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Extrusion: Servo Cutter for Pipe, Profile, Tubing

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Brushless AC servo motors with a fully digital multi-axis control system generate precise cuts at high speeds.

Debuting next month at K 2019, Gillard Cutting Technology of England will show a Servo-Torq Plus cutter that combines the latest Lenze brushless AC servo motors with a fully digital multi-axis control system to activate the rotating knife blade. According to Gillard, this generates precise cuts at high speeds. A new Siemens widescreen touch panels allow easy operator control of the machine.

The new Servo-Torq cutters are available with maximum cutting capacities of up to 150 mm dia.  Integral twin-belt Accra-Feed caterpillar infeeder/puller machines are provided to match every cutter model. These feature direct drive AC motors amd planetary gearboxes. Gillard says that this gives improved speed control at high extrusion speeds.

A high level of connectivity is standard as well as Industry 4.0 cloud support. Remote service is available via the Internet using the built-in VPN router. ProfiNet communications allows networking with the rest of the extrusion line.

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