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Hot Runners: Range of Ready-to-Install Single Needle Valves Extended

Ready-to-connect system—including nozzle; all the hot runner and connection components; the clamping, frame and nozzle retainer plate; and also the standard parts—can be directly assembled to the fixed mold plate.


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Hasco says its ready-to-install single needle valves with its H44201/ and H44202/ hot halves feature a design wherein the entire needle shut-off unit is installed directly in the corresponding size of mold, making it easy to maintain. The units are designed and produced in close cooperation with the customer so they can be tailored to the application in question.

The hot half comes equipped with Vario Shot nozzles and necessary components, making it ready for immediate use. After connecting the system to the peripheral control and supply units, users can start production directly. The range covers the common mold sizes from 190 by 246 mm (7.5 to 10 inch) to 696 to 696 mm (27.4 by 27.4 inch). With an individual guiding system, a 196 by 196 mm (7.71 by 7.71 inch) unit could be adapted as the smallest mold. 

All electrical components and pneumatic or hydraulic drives have been tested prior to delivery to ensure proper function and wiring, and any relevant dimensions such as the nozzle protrusion, nozzle tip and needle position, as well as guides and centering units, are checked on coordinate measuring machines after they have been mounted. These test results are documented in the corresponding protocols and included when the system is delivered.

The H44201/ and H44202/ hot halves both come equipped with a USB 2.0 data memory. All the available data and information such as drawings, parts lists and measurement protocols are stored on this and can be called up at any time.


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