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Injection Molding: Work Stations Promote Lean Operations

Customized workflow stations help keep injection molders' plant floors organized.


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Molders Choice’s Pioneer IWS line of industrial workflow stations represents a versatile and durable system to promote lean manufacturing principles. Welded in Ohio, the units are constructed from 14-gauge steel with the ability to support hundreds of pounds of tools and equipment. A single hook can hold up to 60 lb, and unlike composite pegboards, the welded design keeps hooks and shelving securely in place. 

Molders Choice workstation

Molders Choice’s industrial workstations are customizable when ordered and configurable after delivery. 


The units are customizable to satisfy different plant layouts and job requirements, including mold set-up carts, operator workstations, mobile toolboxes, maintenance carts, quality control carts and more. Two-sided stations are available for placement between two molding machines, and the workstations can be outfitted with casters for mobility. 

Accessories include hooks, shelves, braces, headers, containers, paper towel/cleaning cloth dispensers and rollers for labels. The accessories are interchangeable and available in wall-mount versions. Built from standard components, the workstations are easy to customize and configure. Basic mold set-up carts start at $925. 


Molders Choice mold set up cart

Molders Choice’s industrial workstations cover common plant functions, including mold set up.