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Keeping The Heat on The Barrel

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Noncontact radiant heaters embedded in ceramic-fiber insulation save energy and keep heat from being lost into the plant environment.

Exposed heater bands represent wasted money. (You may be relying on them to heat your plant in winter, but that’s an inefficient way to do it.) Rex Materials has a solution in its patented TCS (Thermal Control Solution) radiant heaters, which replace conventional heater bands and direct the heat into the melt, rather than into the surrounding air. TCS consists of radiant heaters embedded in segments of ceramic fiber insulation. Unlike heater bands, these heaters do not depend on direct contact with the barrel—in fact, they don’t touch the barrel at all.

The TCS is said to reduce energy costs by 40% on average, with the potential to pay for itself in 16-24 months. What’s more, time to heat up the barrel from a cold start is cut in half, the company says.