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Liquid Toner Technology for Consistent Color Dispersion in Transparent PC

Avient’s ColorMatrix Optica for PC boast exceptional clarity and color consistency for a broad range of applications.
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A liquid toner technology for polycarbonate for use in broad range of applications is newly available from Avient Corp.  ColorMatrix Optica for PC toners boast exceptional visual clarity, color consistency, and color dispersion in transparent PC resins.

Avient's ColorMatric Optima for PC

Formulated without heavy metal or restricted ingredients, the new toners are said to retain transparent properties, can prevent undesirable color shifts toward yellows and greens, and can be used at lower doses in comparison to alternatives like pigment and solid masterbatches. PC can and often does replace more traditional construction materials, such as glass and acrylic, in applications where transparency and clarity are important. The applications range from automotive interiors and appliances to consumer goods and electronics, thanks to its versatile characteristics and recyclability. 

 Said Bob Lee, marketing director for Avient’s color & additives Asia, “As an industry leader in solving complex material science problems, we are proud to bring this cutting-edge liquid color toner solution for polycarbonate to the market. ColorMatrix Optica for PC builds on a proven portfolio of liquid toners, and meets the growing market need for a cost-effective solution.”


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