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Material Handling: Miniature Central Vacuum Loads Up to Eight Machines

Vacuum conveying system combines the powerful vacuum pump, dust collector and PLC-based touchscreen control of a larger system with a compact and portable design.


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Conair’s PowerFill 8 vacuum conveying systems, which can deliver material to up to eight destinations, are mounted on two wheels, allowing the unit to be quickly moved into proximity of material sources and production machines.

Featuring an Allen-Bradley PLC and 7-inch touchscreen, PowerFill conveying units can link to Conair receivers via flexible vacuum conveying hoses, line valves, manifolds, or other conveying hardware. Electrical and communications connections can be made through plug-and-play cables that run from receivers and valves to the PowerFill 8 unit’s I/O panel. All PowerFill units operate on three-phase AC power.

In operation, PowerFill 8 units utilize PLC logic and user touchscreen inputs to manage loading functions, including single-material, ratio, volume and time-fill loading for up to eight receivers. Receivers can then be equipped with gravity valves, positive-discharge valves, demand ratio valves and purge valves, as well as remote demand and fill sensors. Users may also opt for an idle-mode valve, which allows the vacuum pump to continue running between loading cycles to reduce the number of pump stop-start cycles, which prolongs pump life.

The touchscreen’s conveying controls use the same graphical icons found in Conair’s FLX-128 Plus. PowerFill 8 vacuum conveying units are available in three models, with maximum throughputs ranging from 900 to 3200 lb/hr (408 to 1452 kg/hr) over maximum tubing lengths from 100 to 225 ft (30.5 to 68.6 m).

The units are designed and engineered for long life with minimal maintenance. The vacuum pumps range in size from 2.33 to 6.16 HP (1.75 to 4.6 kW) and feature three-phase direct drive, brushless motors that require no oiling and have no belts to maintain. All units include high-capacity dust filters with toolless removal. Should additional dust collection be needed, the option to add Cyclone or DC1 Dust Collectors is available.