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Materials Handling: New Volumetric & Gravimetric Feeders

Acrison has a new dual-auger feeder and a very compact model for mounting multiple units on one hopper.


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Acrison, Inc., Moonachie, N.J., has expanded two lines of dry-solids feeders with new models and added features. First, the 170 Series volumetric feeders have a new dual-auger model with independently driven augers, providing an extremely wide feed range without the need to change augers. The 170 Series have a special discharge port that provides both self-emptying and quick-discharging capabilities. For easy cleaning, two new features are swing-out and tilt-back hopper options. These volumetric models can be incorporated into weight-loss metering systems.

Second, Acrison weigh feeders include a new model 408, described as an extremely compact unit with a footprint of 18 × 28 in., suiting it, for example, to extrusion and compounding systems where multiple feeders are mounted over the machine hopper. Along with the 402 and 404 Series and models 405 and 406, the new unit can be supplied with several different types of metering mechanisms, depending on the material characteristics. Also, their weighing system is an advanced “platform”-type lever network, robustly constructed for exceptionally long life and near-zero maintenance requirements, Acrison says. The entire weighing system of the feeder is guaranteed for five years, including the associated electronics. Cost of ownership is said to be the lowest in the industry.