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Thermoforming: New Form/Cut/Stack Former

Aimed at food, medical, and industrial packaging markets.


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GN Thermoforming Equipment will be launching its new GN580 Thermoformer at the K 2019 The new form/cut/stack thermoformer is aimed at food, medical, and industrial packaging markets.

The GN580 Thermoformer is a smaller version of the company’s GN800 launched at K 2016. At K 2019, the GN580 will run 100% post-consumer recycled PET with a common-edge tool, producing meat trays with minimal scrap. Common-edge tooling offers the ability to form a series of square or rectangular trays in a row or multiple rows while eliminating the web between the products.

The GN580 that will be exhibited during K 2019 has already been sold to a Central European packaging manufacturer for the production of food trays and blister packs, according to GN.

The high-production GN580 thermoformer with integrated steel rule cutting press and stacking station is used for the cost-effective manufacturing of packaging products made from all thermoformable materials. The most distinctive features of the GN580 are the high degree of automation as well as the ease of tool change.

The GN580 has a forming area of 580 mm x 465 mm and a cycle time of 45 cycles/min at full stroke. The machine forms 120 mm (4.7-in) deep parts above and below the sheet line. It also features an operator-friendly HMI with integrated diagnostics and remote connection, an energy recovery system incorporated in all drives, and maintenance-free precision roller bearings in the toggles.

The GN580 offers additional options suited to specific customers’ requirements and it can be further customized for certain applications. The thermoformer provides additional flexibility by accepting tools from many of the competitors’ machines.