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Packaging Machine Range Extended

Engel says its duo speed injection molding machines are its fastest two-platen presses and will target larger packaging and logistics applications like buckets and storage containers.


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Building off the large-format two-platen duo platform, which has been on the market for more than 25 years with more than 10,000 systems in place globally, injection molding machine and automation supplier Engel is introducing the duo speed line of machines, ranging in clamp force from 500 to 1100 tons and targeting applications like buckets and storage containers. The line launches with four tonnages—550, 770, 1000 and 150 tons—with more sizes planned for the future. The machines will make their North American debut at NPE2021 (May 17-21; Orlando).

Engel says dry cycle times between 2.35 and 3.4 sec. make the duo speed the fastest two-platen injection molding machine on the market. The company notes that across all clamping force sizes, the duo speed is shorter than comparable presses, saving floor space. In addition, the platen geometry has been optimized for the special requirements of the packaging industry, specifically clamping force distribution.

For greater energy savings, the duo speed pairs Engel’s ecodrive servo-hydraulics for generating clamp force with an servomotor-driven screw drive. Optimized accumulators speed injection and use demand-driven charging to further improve energy efficiency. The duo speed comes equipped with a barrier screw and sliding ring non-return valve that have been optimized for running PP and HDPE. Engel says this addition to its packaging portfolio allows it to offer machines specialized for everything from thin-walled packaging and caps and closures to thick-walled large containers.

Engel duo speed

Engel’s duo speed range of two-platen injection molding machines target large format packaging and storage applications, with clamp forces ranging from 500 to 1100 tons.