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Solving the Puzzle of LSR Molding

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See Milacron’s Enhanced LSR Package at work molding 16 puzzle pieces.

A 16-cavity mold is running LSR puzzle pieces in a Roboshot 140 all-electric machine at the Milacron booth. The machine is outfitted with an “Enhanced LSR Package” that includes a special Milacron screw and barrel with water jackets, vacuum pump, and water regulator. All of these components are retrofittable to standard Milacron-Fanuc Roboshot presses. The puzzle is molded in a 40-sec cycle and automatically demolded and packaged in a bag for visitors to take away.


NPE2018 Exhibitor

MILACRON Booth including Cimcool, DME, Mold-Masters and Uniloy

Booth: W2703

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