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Thermoforming: Flexible Steel-Rule Die Former

A single machine be used on a wide range of molds without the need for major mold modifications
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WM Thermoforming Machines will roll out the Flex 92 at K 2019 this month, billing it as steel-rule-die machine designed to provide the thermoformers the industry’s most-flexible machinery platform. Flexibility features include:

  • The ability for thermoformers to use one machine for a wide range of molds without the need for major mold modifications.
  • Movable clamping frame, plug assist and electrical driven ejector.
  • New steel-rule die technology improving parallelism stability, cutting resolution and increasing steel rule die life.
  • Remote Machine Viewer interface , which allows real-time remote monitoring of the machine’s functions via smart phone, tablet or PC.

At the show, the machine ran PP sheet in a 24-cavity mold supplied by Marbach.

As a result of an agreement made earlier this year, WM machines are available in North America from SencorpWhite.

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