Thermoforming | 1 MINUTE READ

Thermoforming: Sustainability, Digitization on Display

Designed-for-recycling solutions, Industry 4.0 connectivity, highlight Illig display at K 2019.
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At K 2019, Illig will be presenting a number of new developments in both their tool and machine business segments. Among them is the new, designed-for-recycling plastic-cardboard combination pack. Called IML-T Cardboard, it can be decorated on both sides and features a plastic inlay that easily separates from the outer cardboard layer. This packaging solution can be produced on all Illig IML-T machine lines and offers new possibilities of decorating in thermoforming, the company says.

Illig will also demonstrate cups made of rPET with easily separable paper labels on its new IC-RDKL 80 system.  The machine builder will also showcase the new IC-RDM 76K thermoforming system, which Illig says features unprecedented performance with a completely new drive system and significantly more closing force. The machine will be producing drinking cups made of recycled PET. 

Moreover, Illig will be showcasing developments in digitization in thermoforming at K 2019 that aim to significantly increase the overall availability and threby the productivity of its systems. Illig Connectivity securely connects the customer's thermoforming production systems into his network, enabling them to be better integrated into his value-added chain. Connectivity optimizes job and process control, and facilitates data exchange, logging and archiving.