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3/15/2018 | 2 MINUTE READ

Wide Range of Products for Extrusion, Compounding

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Screen changers, gear pumps, pelletizers, pellet dryers and more on display from Maag.

Maag Americas is showcasing a variety products for extrusion processors and compounders, including:

extrex x6 class Gear Pump: This new and reportedly unique melt pump design delivers the needed volumetric efficiency at the highest counter pressures and with the lowest amount of shear stress. This results in a reliable and gentle transfer, boosting and metering for a wide range of thermoplastics.

FSC Plate Screen Changer: The FSC is equipped with a pressure-adaptive sealing system that allows the required sealing forces to be adjusted to the actual melt pressure automatically. Their solid and robust construction, available in all sizes and designs, ensures a reliable and leak-free filtration of molten polymers. The hydraulically operated screen changer guarantees the protection of melt pumps and mold gaps from damage and dirt.

Extrusion Modular Cart:  A space-saving compact movable tripod design reduces inline footprint compared to four-wheel designs. The modular system allows for one size cart to handle the four most common size extrusion pump models for 3.5, 4.5 and 6-in. extrusion lines. With a simple adapter plate change the original cart can handle a larger pump or gearbox, without replacing the cart should the customer need a pump change for more output. 

Gala/Automatik Model 420 Cyclo Centrifugal Dryer: These newly developed energy-efficient dryers are suitable for use with both Pearlo underwater pelletizing, and M-USG and P-USG underwater strand pelletizing systems. In addition to its minimal space requirement, Cyclo also features, highly accessible components, such as the pellet conveying rotor that provides excellent operating characteristics and efficient servicing.

Gala/Automatik EAC-7 PEARLO Underwater Pelletizer: Newly design pelletizer is for processing pellets for virgin materials, compounds, masterbatches, engineered plastics, wood and naturally filled polymer composites, TPEs, hot-melt adhesives and gum bases at capacities up to 36,000 kg/hr (about 79,400 lb/hr)

Maag Primo E Pelletizer: This dry-cut pelletizer produces cylindrical pellets that are ideal for further downstream processing. 

RES Bullet 64 Pelletizer: Designed for 24/7 operation, the Bullet Series is suited for laboratory and production use. The tool-less, removable In-Feed & Discharge Chutes make this pelletizer desirable for compounders that have multiple material changeovers several times a shift. It is easier and faster to clean and service than previous models and provides higher rates, less waste, high product quality and ease of operation.

RES Chameleon Color Mixer: New mixer is suited for color changeover time under 30 min. at throughput rates up to 2000 lb/hr. It is reportedly easier to use, has a smaller footprint, and can be designed with a jacketed vessel. This mixer offers better ergonomics for operators. 

RES Pulverizing System Rex Duo: The REX Duo Series pulverizer is used for high quantities of high quality powder at higher production rates. 


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