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NPE2018 New Technology Focus: Mold Components, Supplies, Maintenance
Advances include new approaches to tool maintenance and monitoring.

Balls on Ejector Bushings Run at Angle to Increase Load Capacity
DMS showcases Bolex P ball-guided ejector bushings made of special roll steel bush casing, hardened and ground to hold fixed inside a high-resistant bronze cage for guiding the balls running along the cage.

Thermoplay small nozzle mini valve gate

Hot Runners & Tooling at NPE2018: Smarter & More Specialized
Hot-runner technology, like the companies utilizing it, is becoming highly specialized, building in focused functionality for the application to be molded. Like most of the equipment in the cell around it, it’s also becoming smarter, sharing data and reacting to feedback from the press and more.

Tooling at NPE: Valve Gates & Multi-Tips Top the News
There’s no letup in development of sophisticated hot-runner nozzles and controls. Here’s news in these and other tooling products at the show.

MATERIALS: DSM To Build First North American Plant For High-Viscosity Nylon 6
High-viscocity nylon 6 grades for flexible packaging to be produced here by DSM.

TOOLING AT NPE: Hot Runners & Coinjection Grab Spotlight
Tooling innovations at NPE focused primarily on multi-cavity closure and medical applications, though there was also a substantial emphasis on large automotive and appliance parts.

Tooling at NPE: A Hot-Runner Bonanza in Orlando
Most of the emphasis is on valve gating and on doing more in less space. Other highlights include standardized mold components, some impressive feats of moldmaking creativity, and advances in mold simulation.

DMS Opens China Facilities
Mold-components supplier DMS North America, Oldcastle, Ont., has opened a new office in Hong Kong and a distribution center in Dongguan, China.

Flow Diverter Shuts Off Defective Cavities

Flow Diverter Shuts Off Defective Cavities
 Flow of melt to individual mold cavities in a family or other multi-cavity mold can be selectively blocked or opened with a new Sprue Adjuster device from i-Mold Molding Innovations GmbH in Germany (distributed here by DMS, Oldcastle, Ont.). The device allows molders to shut off feed to a cavity producing defective parts, avoiding the need to sort out rejects.

Mini Tunnel Gate Inserts Are ‘Smallest Ever’

Mini Tunnel Gate Inserts Are ‘Smallest Ever’
New at the recent MoldMaking Expo in Novi, Mich. (sponsored by our sister publication, Moldmaking Technology) was a new line of mini tunnel-gate inserts said to be the smallest on the market.

Inserts Target In-Press Product Dating or Bar Coding
New date-stamp inserts for long runs and a new easy-to-install barcode insert come from DMS, Windsor, Ont.

Stainless Steel Toughens New Date Inserts
Two new series of dating inserts are made from 420 stainless steel to withstand mold temperatures up to 300 F.

Tunnel-Gate Inserts Handle Up to 1.1-Kg Shot
A new line of tunnel-gate inserts that allow the injection point to be positioned where desired-even deep inside a molded part-comes from DMS (North America), Old Castle, Ont.

DMS Moves to New HQ
Mold components supplier DMS (North America) has moved from Windsor, Ont., to a new 10,000-sq-ft building in Oldcastle, Ont.

From NPE 2000: What's Hot in Hot Runners
Closer cavity spacing, in-press serviceability, improved valve gates, smarter controls, quick-ship standard manifolds, and Internet e-commerce were leading themes in hot runners at the big show in Chicago.Hot-runner components were one of the largest categories of injection molding products exhibited at the triennial NPE show in June.

Ultra nozzle tips

NPE 2003 News Wrap-Up: Hot Runners
From complete hot halves to individual nozzles, a host of new products promise smaller gate vestiges, less maintenance, better temperature control, and lower cost.

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BZ Hydraulic Locking Cylinder
Exaflow + I-mold tunnel gate insert
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