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injection molded automotive instrument panel soft skins

Now You Can Injection Mold Unpainted Automotive Soft Skins
New S-TPE for interior trim challenges slush molding and TPV competition.

Dow innate packaging resin

Conference Uncovers Innovations Across a Range of Processes, Markets
New materials and additives for injection and blow molding, extrusion, compounding, and thermoforming highlighted the SPE Polyolefins Conference.

SPE's Polyolefins Highlights: Materials & Additives
New semi-crystalline SEBS, additives for improved discoloration resistance, plant-based antioxidants, online compounding of TPO blends and more discussed in Houston.

PolyOne Acquires Certain TPE Technologies from Kraton
A broader offering of SBC-based TPEs will now be available from PolyOne.

MATERIALS: Kraton Opens Up Innovation Center
A pilot facility in Belpre, Ohio, has been opened by Houston-based Kraton to produce a wide range of SBC-type developmental materials.

ADDITIVES: SBC Modifier For Rigid PP Goods, Polyolefin Fibers
New styrenic block copolymer serves as modifier for injection-molded PP parts, and more.

MATERIALS: ECTFE Film Resins for Photovoltaic Modules
Two new ECTFE resins mark Kraton's entry into front-sheet applications for photovoltaic modules, expanding the company's reach in this market.

MATERIALS AT NPE: All Market Sectors Benefit from Large Crop of New Materials
Higher-performance and easier processing PE film resins for packaging, a one-pass crosslinked PE for photovoltaic (PV) wire and cable, several higher-performing nylons and TPEs, “greener” plastics, and enhanced styrenic and PC resins are among the new materials that made their debut at the big show in Orlando, Fla., last month.

Four Key Markets Drive Material Advances At K 2010
Last fall’s K 2010 fair in Germany drew dozens of materials suppliers to show off hundreds of new products, aimed especially at packaging,medical, automotive, and electrical/electronics.

New Styrenic TPEs for Wire, Packaging & Medical Uses
WEB EXCLUSIVE: At NPE in Chicago, Kraton Polymers LLC, Houston, highlighted two pairs of new styrenic block copolymers.

Overmolding adhesion of TPEs is undergoing constant improvement

TPEs Move Up the Performance Scale
This first of two articles on directions in TPE development focuses on styrenic, copolyester, polyamide, and TP urethane elastomers. The following article covers olefinics—TPOs, TPVs, and POEs.

SBC Resists High-Heat Compression Set
A new styrenic block copolymer from Kraton Polymers, Houston, reportedly offers reduced compression set and improved stress relaxation at temperatures above 70 C (158 F). Molecular weight of Kraton G1633 is 50% higher than that of standard SBCs and its compression-set value approaches that of some olefinic TPVs.

SBC Has Improved High-Heat Compression Set
WEB EXCLUSIVE A new styrenic block copolymer from Kraton Polymers, Houston, improves the compression set and stress relaxation of styrenic TPEs at temperatures above 70 C (158 F). Molecular weight of Kraton G1633 is 50% higher than that of standard SBCs and its compression-set value approaches that of some TPVs.

Soft-touch applications

'Soft-on-Soft' Is Newest Option In Soft-Touch Molding
It's hailed as a breakthrough for soft-touch injection molding: Collaborative efforts by three companies have resulted in the commercialization of an SEBS-based TPE vehicle handle in which a very soft (28 Shore A) surface layer is coinjected onto a substrate of a firmer—but still soft and rubbery—60 Shore A compound.

NPE 2000 News Wrap-Up: Engineering Thermoplastics
NPE 2000 saw the debut of many new nylons, ranging from 6 and 66 types that are tougher, easier to process, and lower in density to a brand-new class of branched nylons with outstanding physical and rheological properties and a long-carbon-fiber grade that combines high electrical shielding with flame retardance.Also new at the show were extrusion-grade and reinforced PPS, new PPS alloys, and new sources of high-heat, reinforced polyphthalamide, PEEK, and syndiotactic polystyrene compounds.

Body panels

NPE News Wrap-Up: Materials
New materials at NPE 2003 target automotive, appliance, and packaging sectors. Engineering thermoplasticsdominate the news, but there were also severalnew TPEs and a few polypropylene introductions.

Isotropic tensile strength

New-Generation SEBS Has Processing Advantages
Kraton Polymers has launched a new styrene-ethylene-butadiene-styrene (SEBS) elastomer family that delivers better flow, lower warpage, and greater adhesion to other thermoplastics.

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