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Blow Molding: Something for Everyone at K Show
Packaging, industrial, continuous-extrusion, accumulator-head, injection-blow, stretch-blow, EPET, foam, sandwich co-injection—the blow molding news was wide ranging at K 2019.

ST Blowmoulding’s ECT 880 CoEx3 continuous-extrusion machine for drums.

Blow Molding: Three-Layer Drum Machine Performs at K 2019
ST Blowmoulding touts advantages of continuous extrusion over accumulator heads for drums.

FlexBlow’s new Beauty series two-stage stretch-blow machines offer quick changeovers and “zero-scratch” handling of preforms for cosmetic containers.

K 2019 Preview: Blow Molding Exhibits Focus on Recycling & PET
Spotty information from blow molding machinery exhibitors indicates that the “Circular Economy” will be a recurrent theme and that PET processing will predominate.

S.T. Blow Moulding’s 3D suction blow molding of a sports racket bends parison in 360° turn.

New Twist on 3D Blow Molding
S.T. Blow Moulding’s 3D suction blow molding of a sports racket bends parison in 360° turn.

Blow Molding: New 2D & 3D Blow Molders From Italy
New machines from ST Blow Molding debuted at Plast fair in Milan.

Bekum EBlow 407DL all-electric shuttle blow molder

Blow Molding at NPE2018: Blow Molding Systems Run the Full Spectrum at NPE
Machines for every process—shuttle, wheel, reciprocating-screw, accumulator-head, suction-blow, injection-blow, compression blow, and one- or two-stage stretch-blow molding—will be running in Orlando. There will be a host of new models, including electric and servo-hydraulic types.

Accumulator-Head Blow Molder for 2D or 3D Molding
Accumulator-head machine is suited to both standard and suction blow molding, and is equipped for Industry 4.0.

BLOW MOLDING AT NPE: New Packaging & Industrial Machines
Several new wheels, a reciprocating-screw system for industrial parts, and a host of new PET machines debuted in Orlando.

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