Start-Up Company to Accelerate Development of Renewable Feedstocks

Trillium Renewable Chemicals to advance technology for production of such feedstocks as acrylonitrile for use in ABS and other plastics.


Join us September 21-23 for a first-of-its-kind event that brings under one roof our annual Molding and Extrusion Conferences, together with the Amerimold Expo. 

Pilot Plant to Produce Multipurpose Bioplastic from Soy Residue

Four Finnish companies in collaboration to develop the first process to produce compostable bioplastic from food and feed production side streams.

Danimer Scientific and Mars Wrigley Partner to Develop Innovative Home Compostable Packaging

Using DanimerScientific’s PHA biopolymer, Mars Wrigley will leverage its portfolio of iconic treats and snacks to enable consumer to compost at home.  
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Sonoco’s Fibrepak Cellulosic Meets Stringent EU Regulations

Fibrepak cellulosic expected to make major inroads in thermoformed food packaging.


Melt Flow Rate Testing–Part 1

Though often criticized, MFR is a very good gauge of the relative average molecular weight of the polymer. Since molecular weight (MW) is the driving force behind performance in polymers, it turns out to be a very useful number.

Biopolymers: Time to Take A Deep Breath

Are we looking at all of the implications associated with developing this new 'crop' of polymers?

'Unique' Polymeric Melt Flow Additive for PLA

CAI Additives is now offering ST-PA210 flow agent for PLA and other biobased polyesters.

Biopolymer Producer Aquapak Gets Major Investment from Private Equity Firm

ADM Capital’s Cibus Enterprise Fund is investing in Aquapak’s Hyrdopol bioplastic technology.
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Thermoplastic Biomaterial ‘Fine-Tuned’ for Medical Applications

U.K. and U.S. university research team succeed in ‘fine-tuning a type of polyester biomaterial to enable the rate of degradation in the body.

One of the First Portfolios of Sustainable TPEs Commercially Launched

Audia Elastomers’ new AudiaFlex TPEs are produced from post-consumer, post-industrial, biobased, and marine waste based sources.

Danimer Scientific Strengthens Bioplastics Market Position Through Merger

PHA bioplastic producer Danimer Scientific completes business merger with Live Oak Acquisition Corp.

20 Good Things to Come Out of 2020—Part 4

Good news was there if you knew where to look for it—in the pages of Plastics Technology magazine or right here on our website. Here’s a review of headlines you can feel good about.

20 Good Things to Come Out of 2020—Part 3

Processors and resin makers step up; biobased/renewable PP makes commercial strides; BOPE makes inroads as monolayer contender; and, performance PP for engineering applications & sustainability 'shines'. 
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Braskem Partners with University for Sustainable Plastic Production Using CO2 Capture and Use

Braskem project is being developed by researchers at the University of Illinois Chicago.

VTT Develops Biobased PEF from Pectin-Containing Agricultural Waste

The carbon footprint of plastic bottles can be lowered by 50% says VTT technical research center when replacing their raw PET material with PEF made from  citrus peel and sugar beet pulp.

Eastman Partners with Compounder Gruppo Maip to Formulate Biobased and Molecular Recycled Content Plastics for Automotive Interiors

Eastman’s Tritan Renew copolyester and Treva Renew engineering bioplastic to play key role in new Eastman-Gruppo Maip partnership.

Danimer Scientific and Eagle Beverage to Produce Biodegradable Drinking Straws for Quick Service Restaurants

  Private label manufacturer Eagle Beverage to use Danimer Scientific’s Nodax PHA for marine degradable straws and other product categories in the future.

Genomatica to Scaleup Bio-Nylon 6 by 50-Fold with Aquafil to Meet Surging Brand Demand

Biotechnology firm Genomatica teams up with Italy’s nylon 6 fiber producer Aquafil  to build demonstration scale renewable nylon 6 facility.