Injection Molding

Virtual Mold Qualifications Become Reality

You might be able to add mold qualifications to the list of things forever changed by the coronavirus pandemic. Here’s how NyproMold responded.

Mold Maintenance

Heard of Design for Manufacture…How About Design for Maintenance?

Contract manufacturer Canon Virginia (yes, that Canon) used a webinar to introduce what it calls DFM2— Design for Manufacture and Design for Maintenance.

Mold Simulation

Injection Molding Networking Software Adds Simulation Support

RJG’s Hub now supports Moldex 3D and Autodesk’s Moldflow/Insight injection molding simulation software.

Hot Runners

Oerlikon Acquires INGlass and its HRSflow Hot Runner Business

The Swiss maker of flow control components, including gear metering pumps, has acquired the Italian headquartered mold maker and its hot runner unit.


How the Coronavirus Transformed Training

A pandemic accelerated necessary changes in how we train current and future generations of mold-manufacturing professionals.

Tooling Know How

What You Need to Know About Blade Ejectors: Part 1

Follow these guidelines to prevent premature wear, flash and galling.


Uniphase Doubles Size With $3 Million Expansion

The custom injection molder and moldmaker has completed a 25,000-ft2 expansion, bringing its facility in St. Charles, Ill. to 50,000-ft2.


Novel External Latch Lock Design

DME says its patent-pending EZ-Latch Lock provides a long-lasting, reliable and easy-to-install lock for plate sequencing.

Hot Runners

Online Hot Runner Configuration Tool Adds New Functions

Nozzle range, resin selection, shot weights, gate types and more are expanded on online hot runner configuration portal.


Weak Links in the Supply Chain

From pandemic shutdowns to blocked shipping canals, overseas sourcing headaches are forcing many OEMs to rethink far-flung supply chains, particularly when it comes to tooling.