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FKuR and Braskem Sign 'Green' PE Compounding Agreement

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Braskem, a major Brazilian producer of polymers and chemicals, has signed an agreement with German bioplastics compounder FKuR Kunststoff GmbH that will enable production of customized grades of Braskem’s BioPE. Under this agreement, FKuR will produce tailored compounds for Europe. It also has a U.S. subsidiary, FKuR Plastics Corp., Cedar Park, Tex. “We chose FKuR as a partner because they have extensive compounding experience with polyolefins and bioplastics,” said Fabio Carneiro, Braskem’s renewable chemicals commercial officer . Braskem’s BioPE is the first of its kind, produced from sugarcane ethanol instead of oil or natural gas. Indistinguishable from PE made from fossil fuels, BioPE can be up to 100% renewably based. FKuR compounds biodegradable plastics based on cellulose or a blend of PLA and a copolyesters. It also compounds wood fibers with PLA or PP.


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