New Ethylene Copolymers for Films & Coatings

In the last two years, DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers, Wilmington, Del. ( has been actively expanding its portfolio of ethylene copolymers and taking them into new application areas.

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In the last two years, DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers, Wilmington, Del. ( has been actively expanding its portfolio of ethylene copolymers and taking them into new application areas. Examples are the Biomax Strong family of impact modifiers for bioresins and the Entira AntiStat (AS) line of ionomer antistatic modifiers for polyolefins. Last year, several other specially tailored copolymers emerged for use in coatings or bonding interlayers of a variety of flexible and rigid products.


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Four new developmental products in DuPont’s Entira line impart adhesion, scratch resistance, printability, aesthetic surfaces, soft touch, and/or breathability.

  • Entira Coat is designed to bond “difficult” substrates together without need for solvents or primers. Two grades, Entira Coat 100 and 200, offer peel strengths of 4 to 6 lb/in. on PP and PET and 5 to 9 lb/in. on nylon 66. In the case of nylon fabric, that’s more than eight times the peel strength of an acrylate adhesive. It can be processed by coextrusion, film lamination, blown film, and injection molding. Applications include fabric coatings, bonding layers for protective apparel, and industrial adhesives (bonding to TPU, for example). It is RF and heat weldable and offers good drape and soft touch. These properties present opportunities for uses in place of PVC or more costly TPU. According to DuPont, this material overcomes previous tradeoffs encountered in ethylene copolymers by balancing high adhesion with heat resistance and processability.
  • Entira Luxe is a soft-feel coating resin that can be tailored for a matte or glossy surface. It offers scratch resistance plus low modulus, good drape, good printability, and adhesion to multiple substrates. It also retains good optical and mechanical properties after accelerated weathering exposure. It is suited to uses such as gift boxes, decorative patches on althletic shoes, and furniture.
  • Entira Breathe and Entira Smart are two related products that provide moisture transmission control for apparel such as medical gowns as well as uses in building construction and protective covers for cars, boats, motorcycles, or industrial equipment. Entira Breathe has high moisture vapor transmission (MVTR) for good breathability, while Entira Smart responds to changing environmental humidity so that it retains moisture in dry conditions and lets moisture escape in humid conditions. MVTR of Entira Breathe is more than 700 times higher than that of LDPE; MVTR of Entira Smart is more than 200 times greater than that of LDPE. Both materials offer good melt strength for film coextrusion or extrusion coating, low density (high yield), printability, and soft touch.
  • DuPont has an additional developmental product called ESX-166, an ethylene copolymer with a nanocomposite structure. However, the nano-dispersed phase is polymeric rather than mineral-based. This product offers scratch and abrasion resistance plus clarity and high gloss. It is dimensionally stable, chemical resistant, supertough over a wide temperature range, and compatible with nylons. Potential uses include protective films or coatings on flooring, skis, and athletic helmets. (DuPont sources note that information on developmental products can be obtained by calling 302-774-1161.)


Softer Formable Olefin Foams

Thermoformable, closed-cell, crosslinked polyolefin foams up to 70% softer than previous versions are new from Toray Plastics (America), Inc., PEF Div., Front Royal, Va. ToraSoft foams offer a more plush feel to auto arm rests, instrument panels, sun visors, glove-box covers, door bolsters, and door panels. The foams come in a range of colors and densities and are 1 to 6 mm thick. They reportedly resist fracturing at low temperatures and form with exceptionally tight radii.
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