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New Source of Polyketone in U.S.

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Promising engineering resin is back after 14 years.

PolySource, LLC, Kansas City, Mo., a distributor of thermoplastic materials, has agreed with Hyosung Group of South Korea to offer Hyosung’s polyketone resin in North America. Polyketone was originally developed by Shell Chemical under the name Carilon, but Shell discontinued the product line in 2000 (see Nov. ’14 Keeping Up). Polyketone is said to have twice the impact strength of nylon and 30% greater chemical resistance, plus 14 times greater wear resistance than acetal and gas barrier similar to EVOH. Hyosung has a polyketone plant with capacity of 2 million lb/yr. It claims to be the world’s only commercial producer of aliphatic polyketone resin.