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3/16/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

ExxonMobil To Host Seminars On Packaging & Stretch Film

Originally titled 'ExxonMobil To Host Seminars On Packaging & Stretch Film at NPE'
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Another major material supplier, ExxonMobil Chemicals, to host seminars on market trends and product innovations.

Related Suppliers


Yet another major materials supplier has plans to hold seminars on key topics at NPE2015, and have experts on hand for individual discussions throughout the show. Exxon Mobil Chemical plans to demonstrate how its broad portfolio of globally available performance polymers can help customers create new products for modern living. The company’s location will be at the NPE2015 Discovery Center located in the West Hall, Level 2 (W204).


With a focus on applications, the company will emphasize Exceed and Enable mPE resins, Escor EAA resins, Optima EMA resins, Escorene Ultra EVA resins, Vistamaxx performance polymers and its PP resins. The company will also introduce two new Exceed mPE resins and two new Vistamaxx polymers, and present new applications for its performance polymers: aseptic packaging; extrusion coating for flexible packaging; standup and pillow pouches; BOPP/cPP sealants; and, machine stretch innovations.



Company experts will be available to discuss specific customer applications including:


• Stretch films that allow packaged goods to be delivered safely and securely, while helping to eliminate unnecessary waste and cost from damaged goods.


• Shrink films that are reducing the use of cardboard and allow shelf-ready displays of consumer products.


• Flexible packaging films that keep food fresh.


• Hygiene products, from diapers to feminine care, that provide soft solutions for consumer discretion and comfort.

• Agricultural films that can produce high-yielding crops.


There are also three seminars planned:


Monday, March 23—2 pm to 5 pm: Driving Packaging Innovation:


• Keynote speech by ExxonMobil Chemical V.P. Cindy Shulman.

• Packaging challenges by Pepsico.

• Equipment trends and divers by Hosokawa Alpine American.


Tuesday, March 24—2 pm to 5 pm: Demonstrating Stretch Leadership:


• Stretch film technology trends/trade balance by Cloeren Inc.

• Cast films future by Windmöller and Hölscher.

• Pre-stretch films (inline vs. out of line) by Davis Standard.

• Film testing & regulations with highlights by Highlight Industries.


Wednesday, March 25—9 am to 12 pm: Industry Innovation Overview


• Industry overview by IHS

• What’s new in machinery by Cloeren Inc.

• Product innovations by ExxonMobil.




Want to find or compare materials data for different resins, grades, or suppliers? Check out Plastic Technology’s Plaspec Global materials database.



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