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Most-viewed articles of 2013 at Plastics Technology

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K technology previews, resin pricing, and tips and troubleshooting for injection molding fill times, mold temperature control, and twin-screw compounding, were among the most viewed articles for 2013 at Plastics Technology. See what your colleagues were clicking on in 2013 as we head into 2014.


  1. K 2013 Preview: Injection molding
  2. Resin prices are on the way up
  3. A new look at evaluating fill times for injection molding
  4. Troubleshooting mold temperature control
  5. Improving twin-screw compounding of reinforced polyolefins
  6. K 2013 Preview: Extrusion, compounding, recycling
  7. Most resin prices flat or lower
  8. Liquid CO2 spot cooling gets into tight spots in molds
  9. K 2013 preview: Materials & additives
  10. PE, PVC prices up; PP, PS softening