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10/10/2019 | 2 MINUTE READ

Novolex Launches New Sustainable Innovations in Foodservice Packaging

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Novolex launches a new cutlery dispensing system and compostable cutlery. The company is also focused on adding recycled content to every day products.  

Novolex, a manufacture of diverse packaging and food service products, recently launched several new products that look to reduce waste in the foodservice industry. Cutlerease is a new single-piece cutlery utensil dispensing system. 

Mary Jane McCraven, senior marketing services manager, Waddington North America (a Novolex brand), said that when you serve meals at a fast-casual restaurant, a stadium, or a large cafeteria, you need an efficient way to hygienically provide knives, spoons and forks to customers. In the past, cutlery would be in unsanitary self-service bowls or trays that can spread germs or wrapped in additional packaging, which increased plastic waste. WNA Novolex wanted to eliminate both of these issues.

“Through multiple rounds of research and development trials, extensive testing and analyzing the market we came up with the Cutlerease Dispensing System,” she said. “It completely eliminates any touch points—not even from operators—that can cause cross contamination. Additionally, the intuitive design allows customers to only take what they need versus grabbing too many pieces that are then wasted.”

In the coming months, Eco-Products, also a Novolex brand, will launch a line of 100% renewable, BPI-certified compostable cutlery that can be dispensed by the Cutlerease Dispensing System, said Sarah Martinez, director of marketing for Eco-Products. The utensils are made of polylactic acid (PLA) and are compostable in commercial compost facilities, helping divert waste from landfills. They also have heat tolerance up to 200° F.

EcoSense Line

Novolex is also heavily focused on adding recycled content to every day products. For example, their EcoSense disposable dinnerware line is a reusable alternative to traditional polystyrene plates, trays and cutlery. Mary Jane McCraven, senior marketing services manager, Waddington North America, said that EcoSense is a line of plates and cutlery made with less virgin plastic and more recycled content. EcoSense reduces use of virgin plastic by 60%. The products are dishwasher safe and microwaveable, which encourages reuse. Certified by Green Circle, the products have a 50% reduction in carbon footprint through use of post-industrial recycled content and 20% less virgin plastic than previous designs. 

Erik Gonring, director of sustainability for Novolex, said that the company strives to make the most sustainable version of every product in its portfolio and is investing heavily in the R&D necessary to bring new sustainable products to market.

“These changes may seem small, but collectively they can make a big impact,” he said. “Rather than burdening patrons with sorting through a myriad of information, we can help customers to act more responsibly by providing them with every day products that are better for them and the planet. The debut of Cutlerease, compostable cutlery, and utensils made with recycled materials marks a purposeful shift in design and collaboration to incorporate sustainability into every level of the foodservice supply chain.”