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Something for Everyone at Wittmann Battenfeld’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

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New injection machines, robots and auxiliaries; plus additional steps toward Industry 4.0 were on display at Wittmann Battenfeld event. 

If you were looking for hopeful signs on machine-building lead times, there was an update on multiple facilities expansions and upgrades, as well as numerous factory tours. If you wanted to learn more about Industry 4.0, the future of “smart factories,” advanced controls for “smart machines,” and new kinds of “smart services,” there were speakers and Expert Corners galore. And if you just wanted to see some of the newest developments in injection machines, robots, and auxiliary equipment, 14 operating work cells were staffed by knowledgeable personnel.

All that was enough to attract 1400 guests from 48 countries to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the creation of Wittmann Battenfeld through the acquisition of the venerable Battenfeld injection machinery business by Wittmann, back then a supplier only of auxiliary equipment.

There was plenty of news at the two-day event at the company’s Austrian headquarters in June, including an ambitious research project by an industry-academic consortium to develop injection molding systems that can perform part-quality determinations in the mold. See here for all the details.