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Without Data All You Have Is An Opinion

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That saying, paraphrased here and attributed by some to manufacturing guru W. Edwards Deming, can be applied to Plastics Technology’s inaugural World Class Processors’ Survey.

If you’re a plastics processor on the fence about taking the free, anonymous benchmarking survey we’re launching in 2015, I’d encourage you check out the executive summary of the Top Shops survey from our sister publication, Modern Machine Shop, to get a sense of the type of information you can expect to receive.


Survey participants, of course, will get the complete report, not just the executive summary, which will be chock full of data that can not only give you a better perspective on your own plant’s performance, but also help you assess where the industry’s headed (and if you’ll be joining it).


Most plastics processors have seen the light when it comes to tracking their operations, gathering data on all sorts of manufacturing metrics. This has given them much more than an opinion about their own facility, but by completing the survey you can move past ‘opinion’ when it comes to your competitors and get into the facts of how well you stack up.


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