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Additives: Tactile Frosted Effects Colorants for PET Containers

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Ampacet’s Earthy Mattes boast a sophisticated frosted effect for PET bottles used in personal care, cosmetics and premium beverages.

A new collection of colorants for PET that are said to provide a tactile frosted effect without the added expense of a secondary process or mold change is newly available from Ampacet Corp., Tarrytown, N.Y. The Ampacet Earthy Mattes collection is said to provide an organic presence through mineralized hues that speak to our earth’s shared history.



Ampacet developed these colorants for PET bottles in applications such as personal care, cosmetics and premium beverages. Earthy Mattes colors currently include peridot, aquamarine, bronzite and diffused jasper. This collection of non-gender specific colors can be customized for any color pathway to accurately reflect the targeted brand message.

Said Ampacet director of global insight & innovation Linda Carroll, “The quiet aesthetic of this palette reflects the human desire for a symbiotic relationship with nature, especially during times of challenge. The frosted translucency projects a sophisticated presence while economically appealing to consumer products and packaging positioned at all levels.”



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