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Auxiliaries: Full Suite of Products on Hand at K for Moretto

Drying, feeding, blending, cooling and conveying displays at K for Italian supplier of auxiliary equipment.
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Moretto will feature an extended range of its X Comb dryers, with the series additions covering higher production needs. Morettow will also feature the ON series, which are suitable for installation directly on the feed throat of the processing machine, as well as the SIDE series, which includes larger models with throughputs up to 24 kg/hr, that run alongside the machine. All Moretto dryers can have the company’s Moisture Meter technology installed. This technology, which debuted at K 2016, analyzes and detects the exact content of residual moisture up to 15 parts per million.

Moretto’s offerings have long targeted PET processors and at K 2019, the company will have a dedicated area of the stand showcasing an XD 800X series dryer combined with the OTX hopper and Moisture Meter. The turbo-compressors system of the XD 800X paired with the OTX hoppers, reportedly offer greater energy efficiency. In addition, Moretto notes that the XD 800X dryers do not use cooling water or compressed air, ensuring further energy savings.

Feeding and Conveying

At K 2019, Moretto will highlight a series of products intended for “micro” conveying small quantities of technical materials. The company says these compact feeders are ideal for installation directly on the throat of the processing machine and include cleanroom ready models. For control, Moretto applies the One Wire 3 with FIFO logic. These can be paired with the company’s Dolphin manifold for automatic distribution of materials to machines. The company will also highlight its Kruise Kontrol technology, which manages the speed of the material in conveying, reportedly eliminating spikes that can lead to angel hair in the resin and wear for the conveying pipes. Not just responding to air speed, Moretto says Kruise Kontrol takes material characteristics into account controlling more than 15 parameters. The company also presented this technology at NPE 2018. Another technology on hand in Düsseldorf that was featured in Orlando is the DGM Gravix series dosing units, said to dose with precision up to 0.01%.

New at K, but previously introduced at Fakuma 2018, will be the DPK loss-in-weight system for dosing small amounts of masterbatch or additives. Load cells and the control algorithm reportedly give the DPK dosing accuracy of up to ± 0.03%. The system’s hopper is made from transparent acrylic material, free from electrostatic charges, allowing processors to see material levels and flow. The hopper can be removed without tools, for quick material changes. Intelligent storage and masterbatch recognition further speed changes. For micro-dosing, Moretto also offers DPM, a precision microdoser available in single-component versions and up to four hoppers.

Moretto will also feature its MOWIS 3 modular supervision software, launched earlier this year. The software is remotely controllable and can communicate with business management (ERP), production (MES) and customer data management systems via the universal OPC UA protocol.

Temperature Control and Cooling

Moretto will also show its X Cooler series of modular chillers. This line can be scaled to meet the processor’s needs. The TE-KO series of temperature controllers, meanwhile, is available in water, pressurized and oil versions with temperatures up to 300C based on the customer's production needs.