Extrusion | 1 MINUTE READ

Extrusion: Continuous Monitoring For Real-Time Predictive Maintenance

Offers early notification of potential extruder components failures.


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In response to the increased demand for “smart” technology, Davis-Standard, Pawcatuck, Conn., has made its DS Activ-Check system for continuous extruder monitoring an available option with its Integrator, Epic III, and DS-eVue control systems.

Activ-Check enables processors to take advantage of real-time predictive maintenance by providing early notifications of potential extruder failures. Machine operators are alerted to issues before they happen, reducing unplanned downtime while also collecting valuable data. Users receive notifications via e-mail or text, and continuous monitoring of production machine status is available on smart devices and remote PCs. Key parameters monitored include extruder reducer, lubrication system, motor characteristics, the drive power unit, barrel heating and cooling.

The system is said to be easy to operate due to overview screens that provide a quick reference of monitor points and trend windows, providing a graphic indication of measurements. Users can touch a location to view details or use on-screen set-up for e-mail or text notifications. Vibration sensors on the extruder reducer provide data regarding the condition of the gears, bearings and lubrication system. The extruder motor is supplied with combination temperature sensors and vibration sensors. The reducer lubrication system (If provided), includes pressure, flow and temperature sensors to indicate system performance. Operators are also able to monitor key health indicator parameters in the drive power unit, providing an early indicator of potential power unit issues.