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Extrusion: Online Tool Calculates Gear-Pump Payback

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The tool calculates resin cost savings and investment payback time based on a wide range of factors.

Nordson Corp. has developed an online tool that quickly calculates the resin cost savings achievable with installation of a its BKG BlueFlow gear pump, plus the number of months in which the investment in the pump is paid back in full.

The new online tool, called the Gear Pump Payback Analysis, is posted here. The tool calculates resin cost savings and investment payback time on the basis of resin price, output rate, pressure variation with and without the gear pump, and capital investment. These inputs can be made in either pounds or kilograms and in many of the world’s currencies.

“Even with a new screw, pressure variation without the use of a gear pump typically is in the ±5% range, making it necessary for the processor to use more resin in order to ensure that the finished product meets specification,” notes Christian Schroeder, global product manager for melt delivery products. “By reducing pressure variation to as little as ±1%, the BlueFlow gear pump makes possible resin cost savings that can generate a full return on investment in a matter of months.”


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