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General-Purpose 5-axis Robot Range Redesigned

Building off the display of a prototype at K 2019, Sepro has finished the redesign of its Success robot range with three models, including ones with five-axis operation.


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Designed for injection molding machines from 20 to 700 tons, Sepro says the Success range, launched in 2011 and consisting of the 11X, 22X and 33X models, is its best-selling robot family. At K 2019, Sepro showcased a prototype of a new, general-purpose 5-axis robot in the series—the Success 22X—and it has now completed a redesign of the full line.

In addition to aesthetic changes, the updated Success robots have an extended standard demolding stroke and, for the first time, a long-demolding (LD) configuration is available, which adds 200 mm to the stroke. In certain applications, this allows a relatively smaller robot to serve a higher-tonnage machine than previously possible.

In some models, the maximum horizontal stroke has been lengthened, and a telescoping vertical arm is also available to extend that movement by as much as 200 mm. Sepro is once again using cam follower bearings for linear motions on the new Success robots. Developed and patented by Sepro to handle large robots’ heavy payloads and long strokes, they are now standard on all Cartesian robots. This recognized technology evens out weight distribution for smoother operation compared to linear bearings, while also being more tolerant of dust and other contaminants.

The three largest robots in the Success Range, which cover molding machines from 80 to 700 tons, are available in a 5-axis-servo ‘X’ configuration. Saying it believes they represent the future of Cartesian robots, the full-servo wrist on Success Line X robots can be adapted with simple digital commands, for greater flexibility and faster production changeovers.

Unlike pneumatic wrists, the servo motors have positional sensors that tell the robot exactly where the wrist and mounted gripper are positioned at all times. The motors allow the robot to move in all 5 axes at any time with complete control. The greater precision allows the robot to complete complicated motions, including extracting large, complex parts with minimal clearance or accurately positioning parts for secondary operations. Sepro says that level of precision allows the five-axis Cartesian robots to take on jobs often associated with six-axis articulating arm systems.

Sepro Success 22X


This new Success 22X robot is one of three completely redesigned robots in Sepro’s best-selling product range.