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Tooling: Locking Cylinder Features Compact Design

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By eliminating the need for side locking of the slides, a new cylinder’s simplified design features fewer components, which saves space and installation/repair time.

Meusburger’s E 7055 locking cylinder does not require complex side locking of the slides, which in addition to reducing components and simplifying the design, can also save space and fabrication time.

In molding, if a tool features a slide that has to be moved independently from the opening of the injection molding machine, a hydraulic cylinder is required. For large injection molded parts, the surface on the slide can be so large that a normal hydraulic cylinder can’t withstand the injection pressure, requiring the addition of a locking mechanism.

In addition to added time for design, such side locking components also require additional precision parts, which cost money and machining time. Due to the additional space requirement, the mold’s overall size could be increased enough to require greater clamp force from a larger injection molding machine. 

In contrast, Meusburger’s E 7055 Locking cylinder moves the slide directly, thanks to the mechanical locking mechanism integrated directly in the cylinder. This results in a compact cylinder that can be used despite the large slide surface. The position of the oil port is defined by the flange design and is conveniently connected, according to Meusburger. The end position is monitored by high-pressure resistant sensors. 


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