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Blow Molding: Something for Everyone at K Show
Packaging, industrial, continuous-extrusion, accumulator-head, injection-blow, stretch-blow, EPET, foam, sandwich co-injection—the blow molding news was wide ranging at K 2019.

FlexBlow’s new Beauty series two-stage stretch-blow machines offer quick changeovers and “zero-scratch” handling of preforms for cosmetic containers.

K 2019 Preview: Blow Molding Exhibits Focus on Recycling & PET
Spotty information from blow molding machinery exhibitors indicates that the “Circular Economy” will be a recurrent theme and that PET processing will predominate.

Perfect visual quality plus improved strength at two to three times higher output will validate the new Zero Cooling process of Nissei ASB.

Blow Molding: “Zero Cooling” Boosts Productivity Of One-Step PET Stretch-Blow Machines
Five machines at K 2019 will demonstrate new PET stretch-blow technology that boosts productivity by two or three times.

Nissei ASB “Zero Cooling” moves preform cooling from the first (injection) station to the second (conditioning) station.

Blow Molding: Mold Better PET Bottles 50% Faster
New “Zero Cooling” design moves preform cooling from the injection station to the conditioning station, allowing for overlapping cooling and injection of a new shot.

Nissei ASB Machine 1.5-step PF-series injection stretch blow machine

Larger ‘1.5-Step’ PET Machine
Nissei ASB Machine Co. is introducing a larger size of its “1.5-step” PF-series injection-stretch-blow machine.

NPE2018 New Technology Focus: PET Machines Stretch the Limits
A huge variety of new one- and two-stage machines are blowing PET bottles and jars at the show.

Nissei ASB stretch-blow molds 20,000 PET bottles per hour on the new ASB-150DPX

Nissei ASB Displays Its Arsenal of PET Technologies
From unprecedented productivity of small bottles to production of wide-mouth jars for hot filling and pasteurization, Nissei ASB fields the largest and most varied range of PET stretch-blow technologies at NPE.

plastic beer bottles

Prost! Network, Socialize at the NPE2018 Bottle Zone Biergarten
Visitors can enjoy coffee, beer and German food while socializing and doing business with colleagues, industry leaders and experts. Perhaps the coolest aspect? The beer served has been locally brewed and bottled—in plastic no less! Four-thousand bottles have been custom produced just for NPE attendees. 

overview of Industry 4.0 from VDMA

NPE2018 New Technology Focus: The ‘4.0’ Revolution
Injection and blow molding and robot suppliers are making Industry 4.0 the most prevalent theme of the show.

Blow Molding: Wide-Ranging PET Technologies for Higher Productivity & Specialty Products
Nissei ASB brings one- and two-stage stretch-blow machines for beer bottles, airline liquor miniatures, sports bottles, premium cosmetics, and wide-mouth jars.

At NPE, Nissei ASB is molding a wide range of PET bottles and jars

One- and Two-Stage PET Machines for Higher Productivity & Specialty Products
Five machines from Nissei ASB are stretch-blow molding: beer bottles, airline liquor miniatures, sports bottles, premium cosmetics bottles, and wide-mouth, hot-fill jars.

Hesta 700

Blow Molding: New Machines Take on Challenging Shapes
From very small to very large, from hotel amenity bottles to automotive jounce bumpers, new and upgraded machines tackle difficult jobs while improving productivity, quality, and energy efficiency.

Speed to Market: Pretium Stays Light on Its Feet And Ahead of the Pack
A visit to its largest PET plant illustrates how this versatile blow molder leverages design skills, a can-do attitude, and a high degree of production flexibility to supply custom products in ever-shorter time windows. A new thrust into automation will help pick up the pace.

BLOW MOLDING AT NPE: New Packaging & Industrial Machines
Several new wheels, a reciprocating-screw system for industrial parts, and a host of new PET machines debuted in Orlando.

Slideshow: The sights of NPE2015
Relive NPE2015 through photos taken by the Plastics Technology staff.

BLOW MOLDING AT NPE: Energy Savings, Lightweighting & Flexibility
New machines are mostly all-electric, hybrid, or servo-hydraulic.

Blow Molding News at K 2013
All-electric machines of all types were the stars of the show, but there were a number of other noteworthy developments.

Blow Molding at NPE: Pushing the Envelope in Speed, Flexibility, Energy Savings
New models of blow molding machines at the show were dominated by wheel machines and stretch-blow systems.

All-Electric Blow Molding Is Reaching the Tipping Point
After years of talk, all-electric blow molding machines seem poised to make advances.

BLOW MOLDING: Electric Machines Starting to Purr
Growing use of electric drives in blow molding machinery gathered steam at the K 2010 show, as suppliers rolled out new all-electric and hybrid models for extrusion blow, injection-blow, and stretch-blow production.

K 2010 Preview, Blow Molding New Machines Promise More Output with Less ‘Juice’
Higher throughputs and greater energy efficiency will be two big themes in blow molding at next month’s K 2010 show.

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